RSS to HTML Converter Tool

This tool helps you convert your RSS Feed to HTML codes you can easily embed in your web page. There are three output options: Javascript, iFrame, and PHP. The Javascript option is highly recommended for best results. It is easy to style as well. The PHP output format also works great for PHP websites. The iframe option does not offer any form of visual customization.

Use this form to configure how you want the converted RSS feed to appear. When you are done, click the "Submit & Get Code" button to generate the HTML code to embed on your website.

For more flexibily and customization options, click the "More Options" button. However, if you are not sure what they are for, it's best to go with the basic settings.

You can check how the converted RSS feed might look like in the Live Preview window. Keep in mind that you may have to style the result with CSS to blen in with your existing design.

Length of feed item descriptions:
How should the feed be embedded in your webpage?:
Paste this code on your website:

Live result:

Styling the output with CSS

With the CSS hooks in the generated output, you can apply CSS rules to customize the look and make the result blend in with your web page.

The feed title has a <h3> tag, with class feed-title.
The feed description has a <p> tag class feed-desc.
The feed icon has an <img> tag with class feed-title-image.
Each feed item title has a <h4> tag with class feed-item-title.
Each feed item description has a <p> tag with class feed-item-desc.

Please note that this tool will not generate HTML for empty feed titles, descriptions, images, etc...
To bypass this restriction, click the "more options" button and mark the checkbox that says "Output HTML for empty feed titles and descriptions."