Avatar Generator Tool

This tool lets you generate avatars and customize for free. You can adjust every facial feature to get the outcome you want.

About Our Free Avatar Generator

This avatar creator tool lets you generate an avatar for your personal use. The tool is free to use. You can specify exactly how you want to the avatar to turn out by fine-tuning the settings for every facial feature.

Our Avatar creator tool lets you create a recognizable avatar to use as your profile/display picture on Facebook, Twitter, WhatsApp, Instagram, or web forums.

Feeling lazy and you don’t want to configure your own avatar? Or do you just want to get some inspiration? The random button generates an endless combination of random avatars you can directly download for use.

Face Customization

With our avatar maker, you can customize every part of the face. The shape of the face, mouth, nose, and ears are all customizable.

Eye Customization

This avatar generator allows you to perfect how the eyes look by offering eye shape, iris, eyebrows, and glasses customization options.

Hair Customization

With this avatar maker, you can define exactly how the hair looks. Apart from the hair on the head, you can also edit the mustache and beard.

Clothes Customization

Our avatar generator lets you customize exactly how you want your character clothes to appear with fitting outfits for different genders.

BG Customization

Feeling funky? Cool? Whether plain or colorful, there are different backgrounds to choose from to suit your needs and personality.

Avatar Randomization

If you don't want to go through the trouble of customizing your avatar, use the random avatar generator to get a cool character.

Gravatar Upload

Using the Gravatar button allows you to directly connect with your Gravatar account and directly update your profile image.

Download Options

Depending on your preference, there are three download options. The PNG option is recommended for display picture updates.

How to use

  • Select your gender (male or female) on the selection screen.
  • Choose the face shape. Keep in mind that there are four face customization options: shape, mouth, nose, and ears.
  • Under the Eyes tab, there are four different customization options: eye shape, eyebrows, iris, and glasses.
  • The Hair tab lets you customize the hair on the head, mustache, and beard.
  • The Clothes tab lets you choose your desired outfit.
  • The Backs tab offers background customization.

Keep in mind that each of these options allows for adjustments. For instance, after selecting eyebrows, you can use the arrow controls to adjust how far apart the eyebrows appear.

Also, after selecting the mouth, you can use the magnifier tool to adjust it to appear smaller or bigger.

Basically, you can adjust every facial structure to the smallest detail.

Download options

After creating your avatar, the download button offers two options:

  • SVG
  • PNG

If you plan to use the avatar as your display picture, it is advised that you go for the PNG format as it is supported by all platforms. However, if you have other use cases the mind, the SVG download format is an alternative.

Also, the Gravatar button lets you directly upload the created avatar to your Gravatar profile.


  • Is this avatar generator really free?

    Yes, our avatar creator tool is completely free, and there are no hidden charges.

  • Can I use the created avatar for commercial purposes?

    Yes, you are free to use the avatar generator for commercial purposes. There is no limit to what you are allowed to do with your generated avatars.

  • Do you store my avatar on your server?

    Absolutely not! We do not store your generated avatars on our server. The avatar creation process is all client-side. This means it all happens in your browser.

  • What is the difference between the PNG and SVG output versions?

    We recommend the PNG (Portable Raster Graphics) format because it is a raster graphics format supported by all social media networks, web forums, and websites. The SVG (Scalable Vector Graphics) format, on the other hand, is a vector graphics format mostly used by designers and developers for projects.

  • I can't find my exact face type, hairstyle, eye shape, etc. What do I do?

    We understand how you feel, and we are constantly working towards adding more graphics. Don't worry, we are always improving this tool. Please check back later.

  • Can I upload my own graphics to customize my avatar?

    Unfortunately, this feature is not supported. However, you may further edit your generated avatar in desktop apps like Adobe Photoshop.