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This free-to-use QR Code Generator tool helps you generate QR code for Skype, URLs, text, email, WhatsApp, location, PayPal, Bitcoin payment, and more.













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What are QR Codes?

QR Codes are two-dimensional versions of barcodes that are typically composed of black and white pixel patterns. This has changed though as you can have QR codes in different colors as long as there is adequate contrast between the background and foreground. With the widespread adoption of smartphones, it has now found its way into mobile marketing. The term "QR" stands for "Quick Response," and it refers to instant access to the information hidden in the Code.

Over 4000 characters can be encoded in a two-dimensional barcode using this method. In addition to opening a URL, adding a contact to the address book, and displaying content to the user, QR codes can also be used to create text messages. DENSO WAVE INCORPORATED has "QR Code" on file as a trademark.

About Our QR Code Generator

Our free QR Code generator tool helps you generate QR codes for all kinds of data. The tool generates QR codes for links, text, email, location, phone number, SMS, WhatsApp messaging, Skype, Zoom meeting, WiFi, V-card, event details, PayPal payment, and Bitcoin payment. With several editable fields, you can customize exactly how you want the generated QR code to appear.

Apart from the regualar black and white version of QR codes we see everyday, this QR code maker lets you customize the colors. However, it's advisable to use colors with a lot of contrast to make the QR code easily readable. You can as well add customized logos to personalize the output.

What data types does this QR code generator support?


Use this to generate QR codes for any website, app, or social media links.


Use this to generate QR code for a designated location on a map.


Use this to generate QR code for a preconfigured email message template.


Use this to generate QR code for text up to 300 characters in any language.


Use this to generate QR code for a phone number that can be called or saved.


Use this to generate QR code for a predefined SMS template with phone number


Use this to generate QR code for a preconfigured WhatsApp message to be sent.


Use this to generate QR code to intiate a Skype chat or call to a predefined user.


Use this to generate QR code for a Zoom meeting with meeting ID and password.


Use this to generate QR code for WiFi SSID, network type, and password.


Use this to generate QR code for digital business card with save-to-phone feature.


Use this to generate QR code for event with details such as time and location.


Use this to generate QR code for Buy Now, Donation, or Add to Cart PayPal payments.


Use this to generate QR code for payment into a specified BitCoin wallet.


  • Is this QR code generator really free to use?

    Yes, it is free, and we do not charge for it. There is no hidden fee as well.

  • Does this tool generate static or dynamic QR codes?

    This tool only generates static QR codes. We do not offer dynamic QR codes.

  • Can I change the information after the QR code has been generated?

    Your information is encoded into the generated SVG, PNG, or PDF file, and it cannot be changed since it's a static QR code. Websites offering dynamic QR codes that are editable usually charge a fee, but we do not. However, you can always come back to generate another one that suits your needs.

  • Is my information stored on your server?

    No, we do not keep your information. Your QR codes are deleted from our server one hour after it has been generated.

  • Does my QR code expire?

    No, QR codes generated on this website do not expire. A thousand years from now, the information encoded on your QR code will always be there.

  • Can the generated QR codes be used for commercial purposes?

    Yes, you are allowed to use your generated QR codes for both personal and commercial purposes. You are free to do with your QR codes as you please.

  • Do you offer tracking for QR codes

    No, we do not offer tracking as this might require us to charge you. We intend to keep this free.

  • Can I design a QR code with my personal icon?

    Yes, you can upload your own logo if you do not wish to use the default ones we provide.